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Sex & the Taurus Astrology Sign

Learn about sex and the Taurus astrology sign from internationally-known astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk in this Howcast video.


The body part connected to Taurus is the neck and the top of the chest area.

Let me explain that in astrology, each sign has an affinity to or a connection to a body part, and for Taurus, the throat, the neck, and the top of the chest is the area that Taurus rules, therefore, in sexual play and in eroticism, it is an area that's particularly sensitive and can be aroused easily.

If, as a lover, you rub your fingertips lightly over that area, kisses at the base of the neck, little love nibbles, very gentle, across the area of the neck and the top of the chest is very, let's say, erotic, for a Taurus. And there are all kinds of ways to do this. You can straighten your mans necktie, and therefore he will feel your finger. Or, at the beach, if you're dating a Taurus, you can rub the back of the neck, rub sand off the back of the neck. It sends a message. Particularly, in the bedroom, it is a lovely foreplay or a lovely opening to sex, to zero in on that area and fondle, touch, lick, and give little love pecks around that area for a Taurus.

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