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Sex & the Gemini Astrology Sign

Learn about sex and the Gemini astrology sign from internationally-known astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk in this Howcast video.


The part of the body that Gemini rules are the arms, the top of the shoulders and the hands. Now let me explain that in astrology each sign is connected to, has an affinity to, what we call rules, a part of the body. And since Gemini is the sign of communication human beings are known for being communicative with their hands. They can speak with their hands, gesture with their hands, which many, many lets say animals can not do, but as human animals we do. So sexually and erotically these are areas for the Gemini that are particularly sensitive, open to lets say erotic messages, it is a way of bestowing affection on the Gemini and heightening the sexual experience. So small kisses along the inside of the arms, light touches, touching the hands. Being someone who is not reluctant to move your lips and your finger tips over the hands and arms of the Gemini will certainly send a sexual message. It heightens love making and it certainly tells the Gemini that you are affectionate and you want to enter into a sexual experience with the Gemini.

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