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Sex & the Libra Astrology Sign

Learn about sex and the Libra astrology sign from internationally-known astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk in this Howcast video.


In astrology, the body part that Libra rules is the lower back and buttocks. Let me explain that astrology aligns certain body parts with the signs. For Libra, not only is the back important in terms of a Libra's health and well-being, to keep a straight back, to not do something that might hurt the back, because the back can also be sensitive, the back for a Libra is also erogenous. It's a place where a Libra can pick up sexual messages.

So, a light stroking of the bottom of the back, now this is the lower back and the buttocks, is particularly sensitive and particularly sexy for a Libra to feel. Light kisses, nibbles, fingertips going across, and especially when you get to the buttocks, which can be very sensitive, the Libra gets the feeling that you are endowing the Libra with affection, with appreciation, and especially sending the message that you want the Libra's body. In other words, you want the lovemaking, you want the love of a Libra. It does send that message to the Libra.

In particular, use your lips, your fingertips, use the palms of your hands, and stroke very gently, starting at the bottom of the spine, bottom of the back, down into the buttocks, and definitely, you will have an aroused Libra on your hands.

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