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Sex & the Capricorn Astrology Sign

Learn about sex and the Capricorn astrology sign from internationally-known astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk in this Howcast video.


Capricorn rules the knees in astrology. Let me explain that. The signs are all connected in some way to a part of the body, and for Capricorn, it is the knees. Now this has a symbolic meaning because Capricorn tends to be an achiever and a go-getter and the knees, of course, propel human beings forward.

Sexually, the knees are extremely sensitive for a Capricorn and especially the back of the knees. So in lovemaking, it is a good idea, as your Capricorn is getting ready for the experience, just to slightly, little by little, start down the back of the back, actually, and with light strokes, come down the back of the back, down over the buttocks, over the thighs and now into the back of the knees and then end there very lightly. There's a place for kisses, for fondling, for rubbing, for touching. It is a place that the Capricorn suddenly becomes galvanized by, and it's a very good technique as a prologue to lovemaking.

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