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How to Understand the Zodiac with Joanne M. Woolfolk

Learn about astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk, one of Howcast's Zodiac experts, in this video.


I'm an astrologer. Of course many astrologers come in different sizes and shapes and breeds. The way I deal and work with astrology is that I write about it. I am mainly an astrologer writer. I have written a number of books.

My most well-known book is called "The Only Astrology Book You Will Ever Need," which is a huge compendium explaining the entire subject of astrology. And for those who would like an overview as well as a deeper view into astrology, it's perfect, because it does tell you all about charts, signs, sun signs, moons signs, how to find out more about yourself, what is the history, what is the mythology, what is my lucky stone, how do I get along with other signs. It tells you everything. And that's become a classic in its field.

Prior to that, I wrote a book called "Sexual Astrology" which many people found interesting and titillating, because it does talk about the sexual proclivities of each sign, and how they get along with each other. And most recently, I've come out with a 12-book series called the "Sun Sign Series" where one book is devoted to each sign of the Zodiac. So there's a book or Aries, book of Taurus, book of Gemini, and it covers the entire gamut of what it is to be a Libra, to be a Pisces, to be a Capricorn.

I do some private readings, not a whole lot, because my emphasis is the writing. I also write horoscopes in magazines. I've written for many, many magazines. For years, I was in Marie Claire, writing the monthly column. In Mira Bella. In House Beautiful. It's hard ever to remember how many. Redbook, Wire magazine. And, I also do a lot of internet writing, in other words, if you go on websites, sometimes you can find my astrological predictions, my explorations in astrology.

I have a website myself, which is my name,, and on that website, you can also find my email address so you can get in touch with me directly, if you'd like to. It's been a very happy and productive career. I would say that being a writer is wonderful, because we as writers get to observe and interpret, and especially astrology is wonderful, because it tells us about ourselves. That is the secret of astrology, it's that we can go deeper into "Why am I like I am? What is special about me? Why do I behave this way? What do I need? How do others see me?" It's all about you.

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