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How to Baste a Quilt

Learn how to baste a quilt from quilting expert Cathy Izzo in this Howcast video.


Now that we've got our completed quilt top and our batting and our backing taped and layered, we're ready to start basting. How you baste it is going to depend on how you quilt it. If you are going to machine quilt it, you're going to want to use safety pins and I can show you. We'll do that. If you want to hand quilt it, you're probably better off thread basting it. Let's just give you an idea of how we do it with safety pins.

You're going to always start in the center. You're going to go through all three layers of fabric trying not to disturb the layering. The idea is you start at the middle and work your way outward. That way any wrinkles sort of work themselves out to the edges of the quilt.

You're going to want to put pins approximately, I would say, every four inches. That's a good rule of thumb. Just keep going. You start on the outside. Actually, basting is my least favorite part of quilting. Probably because I usually work on really large bed quilts, and pinning takes kind of a long time and it's boring and you lean over and your back hurts. It's a good time to get your really good friends to come over and help you. And I mean really good friends.

Once you've got your whole quilt top pinned, you can remove your tape and you're ready to start quilting.

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