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How to Hand Sew Binding to the Quilt Back

Learn how to hand sew binding to the back of a quilt from quilting expert Cathy Izzo in this Howcast video.


Now we're at my favorite part of quilting. I love sewing the binding to the back of the quilt because it means I'm just about finished. And it's very relaxing.

So, here's your lovely quilt top, the binding, and what you want to do is press your binding, makes it a little easier to turn. Flip the quilt over, and bring your binding all the way over so that you cover the raw edge of the quilt. You're going to take a needle, an applique needle or a sharp, and put a knot. I like to start sewing about an inch or so from a corner. You're just going to very carefully take small stitches getting a little piece of the quilt and a little piece of the binding. Just keep going until you get to the end.

It's a very relaxing thing to do. I do it at night usually if I'm watching TV or maybe listening to music. It's a nice ending to making your quilt.

When you get to the corner, you've sewn all the way to here. Sew pretty much to the end of the quilt. You'll have a 90 degree angle at the end. Bring it back over and start sewing down the next side of the quilt.

And that's pretty much all there is to hand sewing your binding to the back of the quilt.

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