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How to Select the Batting for a Quilt

Learn how to select the batting for a quilt from quilting expert Cathy Izzo in this Howcast video.


Your choice of batting really is going to depend on a couple of things. First is what is the quilt going to be used for. Are you making the quilt for warmth? In which case you might want a heavier batting like a wool. Is it going to be a nice fluffy baby quilt? In which case I would go for a high loft polyester batting. Do you want something that looks like an antique quilt? In which case I'd opt for a thin cotton batting. All of these are going to affect the look of your quilt and after use I'd say that's probably the second most important consideration.

The other thing is, be honest with yourself. How much quilting do you want to do? Because the type of batting you use will matter. It will determine the amount of quilting you need to do. On most batting packages you'll find recommended directions for how closely the batting has to be quilted. And you should follow those. Some are 8 inches, some are 6 inches. It's a good idea to look and see what you're batting requires. Decide if you are going to machine quilt or hand quilt. Both those will affect the kind of batting you use.

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