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Pros & Cons of Machine Quilting vs. Hand Quilting

Learn the pros and cons of machine quilting vs. hand quilting from quilting expert Cathy Izzo in this Howcast video.


After your quilt top is done, you're going to decide how you want to quilt your quilt. Your options are hand quilting, machine quilting or tying. Machine quilting is probably the easiest. It's certainly the fastest. You can do straight lines in a grid or on the diagonal diamond grid.

What it should depend on is what the quilt is being used for. If it's something that's going to get a lot of use, a lot of washing, machine quilting is probably a good idea. If it's going to be more of an heirloom, something you want to give to someone for a special occasion, you might want to think about hand quilting.

There are some people who never want to think about hand quilting because they don't like handwork, but if you're the kind of person that enjoys working with your hands and being sort of contemplative. I like it, it's a little bit zen. You can sit there and not really focus on anything. Then you might want to give hand quilting a try, providing you have the time.

Tying is a really fast way and it's a great way to get kids involved in quilting. Use a curved needle and some embroidery floss and you just make knots about every 4 to 5 inches, and it's a fun way to end it. There's lots of options. You should explore what feels right for you.

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