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How to Fill Pie Crust for Apple Pie

Let pastry chef David Crofton show you how to fill a pie crust for apple pie in this Howcast food video.


OK. Let's grab the apple pie crust bottom out of the fridge. It's had a few minutes to set up now, so that's going to be a little bit more durable. We can work with it. We can put the apple filling in it with a little more confidence.

I'm going to take a pair of scissors and trim the edge just a little bit, wherever I think it's a little bit too long. I want a little bit hanging over. That doesn't bug me. You don't want to trim too much, but if there's a lot of excess, it's going to get in the way as you're trying to put that top crust on there.

OK. So that's ready to go. I've got my apples. Now they've been steeping for a few minutes, so there's a little bit of nice liquid that's come out of there. Sometimes it gives off a lot of juice and I'll hold back a little bit of that juice just because the final pie might get a little bit runny, but that looks about right. It's a mound of apples, looks really good. Now let's go and get that second crust out of the fridge and top it and then finish with a little decorative edge.

So at this point you can really handle this crust. OK? You could roll it up if you're a little bit afraid, but you're going to do OK. Don't worry about that crack. It'll be fine. Don't get nervous about it.

I'm going to trim a little bit if I see any really long pieces, but this is pretty nice. So what I'm going to do is start tucking this under. You tuck the top crust underneath the bottom crust and I'm sealing it. I am pinching it a little bit with my fingers. Tucking it under, it seals the side and then I'm going to crimp the edge for a little decorative edge on this pie. And you'll get this, it's really, really easy.

And at this point I just want to round it a little bit, make sure my filling is all nice and tight. I'm going to get a little bit of flour on my hands and I'm just going to make this basic motion all around the pie. It's really simple. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. If it starts sticking, just give yourself a little bit more flour.

OK. Right now, I'm going to get a little bit of milk wash. You can use an egg wash, a little egg white wash, it doesn't really matter. I'm just going to use milk. You need to put something sort of liquidy on top of the pie so the sugar will stick to it and also the fat in the milk or the eggs is going to give the pie a rich, dark brown color. So milk is fine.

OK. I've got my milk, a little sugar and my pastry brush. Again, you don't want a lot. It's just a little bit. You want to brush it on there, but you want to try to avoid big puddles of milk. That's not what you're going for. Just a really thin layer.

So, again, I've got a little crack in the middle of the pie, but it's not anything to worry about. I'm just going to use it as part of my venting. So I'm going to do three slices with my knife. All right. That pie is ready to go. We're going to stick it in the oven. It's going to bake for a long time and just let it do its thing. It'll darken and you'll see some bubbles forming in the vents and that's how you know it's going to be done. But let's stick it in the oven and we'll look at that in a few minutes.

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