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How to Prepare Ingredients for Chocolate Cake

Let pastry chef David Crofton show you how to prepare the ingredients for chocolate cake in this Howcast food video.


Let's get all the ingredients ready for the rich chocolate cake. We're going to start with some hot coffee and a little bit of cocoa powder. You should try to use the richest, darkest cocoa powder that you can get. It's going to give you the most chocolate flavor that you can in the cake, and it'll also have that color and the chocolate flavor that everyone's looking for. So the coffee should be pretty hot. It'll help the cocoa powder dissolve.

Once you've got that stirred in, we can add a little bit of brown sugar and some vanilla extract. And again, with the vanilla, use the best quality vanilla extract you can get. If it has to be imitation then, so be it, but if you can get something nice, something from Mexico or Indonesia or some place, that's going to add a little bit of flavor.

This is a simple cake. The chocolate is really the star, but the vanilla is going to be a flavor in there, too. So now we're adding a little bit of yogurt to this. And let's mix all that together. So that hot coffee will help dissolve the yogurt and the sugar and the cocoa powder and that all will come together. So I'm going to set that aside for one second.

Now let's start creaming the butter and the sugar. I try to do this on low speed if I can. Start bringing all the sugar and the butter together. While that's mixing, I'm going to get the eggs ready. Try to crack your eggs on a flat surface to avoid getting any shell in there. I'm going to stir up that butter a little bit with my spatula, just start getting it off the paddle and making sure that it's nicely creamed together.

While that's creaming, I'm going to combine the dry ingredients, which is all-purpose flour, baking soda, and salt. Now I'm going to use a little whisk. I'm going to just mix that a little together. It helps dissolve the salt and the baking soda, not dissolve it, but mix it in with the flour so that it's ready to go.

The butter's looking good so I'm going to gradually add the eggs, just one at a time. Once it breaks up and starts mixing in, I'll add the eggs. Let me scrape down that pan a little bit more. And so now we've got our wet ingredients and our dry ingredients and the butter has been creamed. We're just about ready to assemble the batter and then put the cake in the oven.

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