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How to Make Chocolate Cake Batter

Let pastry chef David Crofton show you how to make the batter for a chocolate cake in this Howcast food video.


So before we put these all together, my oven's preheated to 350. Make sure it's nice and hot.
I'm going to spray my pan. You want to spray it pretty liberally, with some pan spray, and a parchment round. Then you can cut that out yourself, or you can buy them already pre-cut at a restaurant supply shop.

I got my dry ingredients and my wet ingredients and my creamed butter. I'm ready to go.
I'm going to start on low speed with my mixer. I'm going to start with a little bit of the dry, put it in there. Then I'll throw in a little bit of the wet, and I'm going to alternate these two things.
Little bit more dry, little bit more wet. This just helps bring all the ingredients together, so that you're not over working the dough. And you usually start and end with dry ingredients, it's just the tradition, and it really does help the whole batter come together.

All right, I'm going to turn that off. I'm going to finish mixing that just by hand with a rubber spatula. I think it gives you better results, and you're going to be a lot happier with the cake that you get out. It's not going to be as tough. OK? So let's pour this batter right into the pan, and then we're going to stick it in that oven.

It's going to bake in the oven for at least 45 minutes, but it can go up to an hour, or maybe even a little bit more. Just give it time to come together, and definitely test it with a cake tester. All right, that's ready to go. Let's put it in the oven.

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