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How to Make Dough for Pumpkin Pie

Let pastry chef David Crofton show you how to make the dough for pumpkin pie in this Howcast food video.


All right, now we're going to make a pumpkin pie. We'll start by putting together the ingredients and shaping the pie crust. People are often intimidated by it, but it's really simple. We'll do it really quick. You'll be a new pie lover in no time at all.

So I like to use a food processor. It works really, really well. I've got some all-purpose flour, a little bit of corn meal. You can use white or yellow corn meal. You can even use a little bit of a coarser crumb, it doesn't matter. It's just that it's going to affect the appearance of your pie, but it really won't make a difference in putting the crust together. That's a little bit of salt. Just a little bit of sugar for sweetness. And I'm just going to quickly pulse all that together just to mix it up.

Now I'm going to add some cold cubed butter. And this is really important. The butter has to be really cold. You can't sort of take it out 10 minutes ahead and work with it. The butter needs to be really cold. All right. So I'm going to add the cold butter and I'm going to process it and the cubes are. . .They're little squares. It's not essential that they're perfect. But it is important that it's cubed up or it won't come together properly.

Now I'm going to pulse it to combine. You can totally do this by hand also. You can use your fingers. Sometimes people use two knives. I like the fingers best. It works really well. When I get it down to there's a few little chunks of butter but it's mostly processed, it's time to add the ice water with the egg yolk. And I've combined those things together, and since it has the ice in it, you don't have to worry too much about it being in the refrigerator. But this should be also nice and cold.

All right, I'm just going to add it all. This recipe is pretty solid. You can feel confident to add it all. If you like, you can hold back a little bit of the ice water. You pulse it. Keep pulsing, that's important. Don't just turn it on and walk away because you'll over mix it. Once it starts coming together, it will start balling. And I'm just going to flip it over it's going to make a noise. Like that. Take out your crust. Now you don't want to start handling this too much and you don't want to start adding too much flour, but you do need to shape it. Tell it who's boss.

And that's it. Your going to see some little streaks of butter, some little pieces of butter in there. That's just what you want and that's how you know it's done right. But that's your pie crust. I'm going to wrap it in some plastic wrap and then I'll stick it in the fridge for about 20 minutes, half hour. You definitely want to let that firm up before you start rolling. Don't rush that process because you'll be really sorry.

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