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How to Assemble Black Forest Whoopie Pies

Let pastry chef David Crofton show you how to assemble Black Forest whoopie pies in this Howcast food video.


Alright. Let's get ready to assemble the black forest whoopee pies.

So I've got some baked whoopee pies. I've got some chopped up dried cherries. I got a little bit more of the old' de ve the cherry flavored liquor and I've got some cream cheese cherry filling. First thing I want to do is I'm going to loosen these whoopee pies from the pan and I'm going to turn half of them over. And those are going to be the ones that I fill.

And I' also going to take a little bit more of the cherry liquor and I'm just going to brush on just half of these. If you really want a strong cherry flavor you can do on the top and the bottom. I like it a little bit subtle and there's a lot of alcohol in these so you know take it easy. Don't eat whoopee pies and drive. Alright, so I've got a little bit of the old' de ve on there. Now I'm going to use a pastry bag. But I don't have a tip in. I'm just going to cut a little bit off the end of it. It's just to kind of make it easier. You can definitely use again a zip lock bag with a hole in or you could do just a little spatula and sort of spread a small amount on each whoopee pie.

But I like a pastry bag, it's something I'm comfortable with and it just makes the whole process go pretty quickly. Alright. So by putting the cherry flavor in the filling as well as in brushed on the whoopee pie you're going to get a nice cherry note to these. Which is again that's the key to the black forest cake. It's the key to these black forest whoopee pies to get that cherry flavor going. These dried cherries are actually really great.

They're very juicy if you have some that are not quite as juicy, you can certainly plump them up. You can take a little bit of the old' de ve cherry liquor and sort of just soak them in that for a little bit. You can heat it up and soak it. You can use orange juice if you don't want to use old' de ve. You could use cherry juice if you want to reconstitute them a little bit. But I would just put a little on each whoopee pie. It's just another little hint of cherry and it will also be attractive on the finished product. Which there so juicy they’re sticking together a little bit.

Alright. So that's about the last thing I need to do before I put the tops on here. Those are looking really good. Okay, black forest whoopee pies. Chocolate whoopee pie with a cherry old' de ve filling and dried cherries. Awesome.

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