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How to Hip, Pop, Slide & Dip in Burlesque Dance

Learn how to hip, pop, slide, and dip from professional dancer Elizabeth DeGennaro in this Howcast dance video.


Okay. I'm going to show you some classic moves in burlesque. I'm going to show you the hip pop to the right and left, the slide and the dip. Okay. I'm going to teach you each one and then we're going to put it together.

So the hip pop, you're just going to pop your hip to the right and pop it to the left. Again, so we got pop, pop. And the slide is just you're taking a slide to the right. Good.

So let's do that again. Two pops. Pop, pop, slide. Good.

Last, we're going to add the dip. So the dip, you're just going to come down and come back up. So your knees are going to the left in a little squat and come back up. Okay?

So we're going to do it slow. We got pop, pop, slide, down and up. Good.

One more time. Hip pop. Right, left, slide, dip and up. Good.

Now we're going to do it a little faster. Five, six, seven, eight. Pop, pop, slide, dip and up.

And those are some classic burlesque moves. The hip pop right and left, the slide and the dip.

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