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How to Fan Dance in Burlesque

Learn how to fan dance from professional dancer Elizabeth DeGennaro in this Howcast dance video.


How to fan dance in burlesque.

You're going to get a feathered fan. Usually there are ostrich feathers. These have marabou and ostrich, and there are sticks at the bottom. Okay? How I teach it always is you're going to hold your thumb in the inside of the feathered fan, and then your fingers go with the outside, so it looks like your fingers extend into the feathered fan. That's how you hold it. Your thumb is on the inside; your fingers are on the outside. You always want to keep your wrist loose. Stiff, you're not going to do anything. You always want to keep it loose and keep it flowing.

When using your feathered fan, you can come up with it, you can reach out, you can fan yourself, come down your body with your fan, around, you could close it, open it back up, come around, come in. And that is how you use a feathered fan in burlesque.

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