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How to Do the Burlesque Quiver

Learn how to do the burlesque quiver from professional dancer Elizabeth DeGennaro in this Howcast dance video.


How you do a Burlesque Quiver.

Now the Burlesque Quiver is just like the Shoulder Shimmy, it's just called two different things. Most people call it a Shoulder Shimmy but a Quiver is the same thing and Quiver is great. You have a fringe costume on so really when you shake, you want to really see the fringe go, so you want to keep your arms open, loose and you want to shake away. Okay, when you do this you want to make sure you smile and you flirt with the audience, you keep your shoulders going , shimmying away or you can do it quick and quick or you can do it slow. And you could lift with it you come up, you could come down with it. It's really up to you what you want to do but definitely fringe costume is best for a Quiver, also called a Shoulder Shimmy. Again, open up, loosen up and that is your Burlesque Quiver.

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