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How to Do a Stocking Peel Burlesque Move

Learn how to do a stocking peel in burlesque from professional dancer Elizabeth DeGennaro in this Howcast dance video.


How do you do a sexy stocking peel? I have Jess here demonstrating for me. She's going to show you how to tease the audience while she peels off, slowly, her thigh-high. Okay. She's going to first show her leg and slide down nice and sexy. So now the focus is going to her leg. Good. Now we're going to slowly come up and we're going to start to peel off her stocking. Slowly. Nice and down. Good. You can flip up your hair if you like, nice and sexy. Good. Then you're going to bring your foot to the back. Slowly peel off your stocking. And then finish off. Good. And you can throw your stocking or just have your arm come all the way around. And that is how you peel off your stocking in burlesque.

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