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How to Do a Glove Peel Burlesque Move

Learn how to do a glove peel in burlesque from professional dancer Elizabeth DeGennaro in this Howcast dance video.


How to do a glove peel in burlesque. I have Jess here to demonstrate. She's going to show you how to peel off your glove, nice and sexy, in burlesque. So, usually long opera gloves work best. And she's going to use her right hand first, and use her teeth, starting with her pinky, to slowly bite and tease to peel off the fingers of the glove. After she's done, she's then going take the middle finger with her other hand and peel off the glove as she arches her back and sticks out her tush. Let's do it again to the other hand. And we got the pinky, next finger, nice and sexy, teasing the audience. Good. And then when you're done you peel it off as you arch your back, stick out your tush. And that is how you peel off your glove in burlesque.

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