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How to Do a Reverse Striptease in Burlesque

Learn how to do the reverse striptease from professional dancer Elizabeth DeGennaro in this Howcast dance video.


How to do a reverse striptease in burlesque. I have Jill here who's going to demonstrate.

The whole concept for the reverse striptease is to start with what you would normally reveal and then put your items on top. So your clothing, your props will come on after. So the audience is going to see you strip down and then we're going to tease them and put everything back on. Okay?

So first, nice and sexy, we're going to slowly come down and grab our corset. So Jill slowly teases the audience as she slowly puts on her corset. So as she's doing it, she's put it on, she could turn, kind of show her back to the audience, they don't really know what she's doing. She's putting the corset on nice and slowly and then she could wiggle tush or then she could turn around and tease them, look at the audience, as she's putting on her corset.

Then, even if the corset isn't on all the way, she could slowly come back down to grab the gloves and then she's going to slowly put on her gloves. Okay? That's one of her props that she would normally use later on. She's going to put the gloves on now.

So her corset is on, her gloves are now going on and as she's doing it she's smiling, she's winking at the audience nice and playful. Okay? As she's done with this, she's going to put her hat up, slowly put her hat on, smiling at the audience and now she could finish her corset, teasing them. She could slowly pick up her boa, put it around her, and then she could tease the audience.

So she started out with what she would normally and then she put on her full costume. So that is a reverse striptease in burlesque.

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