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How to Work a Boa in Your Burlesque Dance

Learn how to work a boa in your burlesque dance from professional dancer Elizabeth DeGennaro in this Howcast dance video.


How to work a boa in burlesque.

You're gonna get the biggest boa you can find, like mine, mine's very think. You want a thick, big boa because you really want to be able to do all sorts of movement with your boa. Okay, so you can first start out with the boa around your arms, nice and loose like this.

Then its tale end, you can swing it around, play with the audience, get them wanting more and teasing them. Bank it slowly, bring it down, come up slowly with the boa. You could drape yourself with it, come back down, and then you come back and whip.
Come through your legs with the boa, come up slowly and go side to side, you come around with the boa, and you really just want to play with it, make it feel natural, make it look natural. And that is how you work a boa in burlesque.

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