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8 Burlesque Makeup Tips

Learn eight burlesque makeup tips from professional dancer Elizabeth DeGennaro in this Howcast dance video.


How to do burlesque makeup.

So I'm going to first start off with the body. So the body you can put body shimmer. Just highlight the cleavage area. And your shoulders. And your arms. And your face. You want to have a smooth complexion. Make sure that you powder. And then false eyelashes. You want liquid eyeliner, blush, and bronzer, and red lips. Always red lips. So, when you're doing it, just make sure you have a smooth complexion. Put the blush on, red lips, false eyelashes, long, liquid, black eyeliner. And you want to keep your eyes soft, for the most part. You're going to have big red lips, you want to keep your eyes soft. You're going to go for a smokey look, you can do that as well. But just make sure you're concentrating on one area, the lips or the eyes. And that is how you do your burlesque makeup.

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