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How to Put on a Burlesque Show

Learn how to put on a burlesque show from professional dancer Elizabeth DeGennaro in this Howcast dance video.


So how do you put on a burlesque show?

In a burlesque show, first, you start off with picking the music, and scanning the girls together, and then choreographing the dance, and the routine to the show.

After hours, and days, of rehearsal, you then pick a location of where you're gonna have the show. After you pick the location, you set up a date for when you're gonna have the show. After you set up the date, the location, the dance is done, and the girls are ready, you have to think about your costume.

Usually, when you pick a costume, you're gonna think about what inspires you. Whether it's the fashion that's in, another artist that is performing, or the song may give you some inspiration, and you put the costumes together.

Then, after that's all packaged together, you then promote the show. You get fliers made, and you tell your family, your friends about the show, and you aren't, you just promote it.

Then the day comes, and you promote the show, and everyone's there, so you have to make sure the lighting is ready and set. You have someone doing the makeup, or you're doing it yourself. Your hair is ready, and your costumes are ready, everyone is set in the audience. Then the lights go on, and your show is ready.

Once the show is complete, afterwards usually, you say hi to everyone. You sign new calendars, usually, you sign calendars and merchandise, and then the show is complete.

But, during the show, is when everything just comes to life, and all the hard work that you put in, you're there in that moment, when the lights hit you. It's a lot of work that comes into developing a burlesque show, whether it's rehearsal, picking the costumes, the choreography, picking the right location, promoting it, but when that night comes it's all worth it.

That's how you put on a burlesque show.

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