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Different Burlesque Styles

Learn different burlesque styles from professional dancer Elizabeth DeGennaro in this Howcast dance video


There are different burlesque styles. You have the classic, and traditional burlesque, and then you have the neo-burlesque, the modern burlesque.

The classic, and traditional, is where it comes from Gypsy Rose, and it's more about, there is humor, and comedy, and it's glamorous. You, basically, tease the audience, and come down to pasties, usually.

Then, you have the modern, and the neo-burlesque. That, you can tease the audience, throw it back, went down to pasties, or it's more like the Pussycat Dolls, where there's more choreography, costumes, and not so much of the stripping. Maybe a couple of things, like a jacket, or gloves, you could take off.

There's different styles. The classic, and traditional is more about humor, and the art of the tease, and taking it off one by one, and captivating the audience. Where the neo-burlesque, and the modern, you're still captivating the audience, but it's more about choreography, and usually, is more of dance routines.

That's really the difference, where I would say my company, The Wild Charlies, we kinda mix the both. We add a little traditional, and classic, and a little of the modern. So, we give them a little spicy, modern twist to it.

That is the difference between traditional burlesque, and the modern burlesque.

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