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How to Do Vintage Burlesque

Learn how to do vintage burlesque from professional dancer Elizabeth DeGennaro in this Howcast dance video


How to do vintage burlesque. So, vintage burlesque, usually you will start with a prop of some type. So, whether it's a feathered fan, you can have a cane, maybe a little bathtub, a martini glass. Usually, you will have some type of prop and, as well, you will have a concept. So, whether it is, the concept is, you're going to be telling a story. So usually, you're going to think of the story and pick the song, and put it together.

So, you'll come out in your full costume, and your prop. Then, slowly, you will reveal articles off your skin. So, whether it's gloves at first, then maybe after that you might take your feathered hair piece off. Then you might take your prop and place it down. Then slowly take off maybe your waist cincher, and tease the audience. Then, after that, you might take off, maybe you have another layer of clothing, or a dress. And then underneath it you're going to reveal, usually, like a nice bustier, a bra, and panties of some sort. And maybe thigh-high's, and you're going to reveal that piece by piece, teasing the audience. Then after that, you might grab your prop. Say it is a feathered fan. Then, you're going to work the prop with what you're wearing now.

Then you might reveal the top. Show it, place it down, so now the audience, you make sure your back is to the audience, thinks you're wearing nothing. And then, at the last moment, you're going to come up, and you're revealing your pasties. So, classic burlesque is all about the tease. You might want to add some humor in it, and make it funny, because burlesque does stem from comedy. And you want to make it light.

You want to make it fun. You want to make it engaging and you want to captivate the audience. So, use your prop. Maybe throw it out to the audience or just tantalize them with your boa. So, classic burlesque is all about the tease, little by little, and at the end, you reveal your pasties as you might give them a little tease and then. You hide them right away. So, those are the characteristics that come in to a vintage burlesque striptease.

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