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Good Burlesque Songs

Learn about good burlesque songs from professional dancer Elizabeth DeGennaro in this Howcast dance video


Picking good burlesque songs. When you pick a burlesque song, you want to feel the music, so the music needs to speak to you, whether it's the words in a song or the beat that captivates you. So when you're looking for it, find something that you feel. Because that's the best way for you to bring it inside you and then you come out and perform that song.

To me, personally, I really like the beats to songs. I look for something that is sexy. So, sometimes it's slow, sometimes it's fast. I just like sexy beats that I feel. So, a lot of my routines that I dance to have been, I like "Ruby Blue," I don't know if I'm saying her name right, by Roisin Murphy. She also has a song "Rama Llama," which I love.

On the soundtrack, Burlesque, there's a lot of songs I like on that. Then there's the traditional, which is more like -- I like New Orleans - jazzy music, when there's the trumpets, saxophone, just really, you feel sexy. You feel like you're in a lounge with a piano bar, that kind of music.

There is "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend." It's a little faster, but it's a perfect burlesque song because they put white gloves on, the diamond costume, and just have fun with it.

One of my favorite classic burlesque songs is "Harlem Nocturne." That song is just great and sexy. It's a good song when you get to your bumps and your grinds. It's just a real classic burlesque song.

So really, when you pick a burlesque song do your research. Find the one that really fits you, whether it's the words, whether it's the rhythm, whether it's the beat. It could really be anything. It could be old music. It could be Latin music. It could be today's music. It could be anything. Just find that music that suits you. Put that routine together and just feel it. As long as you feel it, you find your song.

That's how you pick a burlesque song.

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