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How to Dance Burlesque with Elizabeth DeGennaro

Learn about Elizabeth DeGennaro, one of Howcast's burlesque dancing experts, in this video.


Hi, my name is Elizabeth DeGennaro and I am a burlesque performer and founder of the Wild Cherryz Burlesque. I am here in New York City and I am a professional dancer performing in New York City, as well as teaching. I started doing Burlesque about 6 years ago. My background stems from ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop and then I got into Latin dancing and ballroom dancing. So through that I created my strong dance background.

Through it I was going on dance auditions and I found out that I really was not finding what I thought was me. So every time I auditioned, I was auditioning for somebody else and their vision of their dance and their choreography. Then I realized I want something different so I created something different. So I created my company, the Wild Cherryz Burlesque and I chose burlesque because I looked at it as a freedom of speech. So I can do hip hop, I can do salsa, I can do swing dance, I can do belly dance. I can do whatever I want to incorporate into my burlesque.

And I also love traditional and the old vintage Hollywood glamour, so add a little touch of that. But also, because of my background, I love choreography. So I brought the modern, so I made everything combine into a twist of my burlesque. So I've been performing for about 6 years. My company, we performed on America's Got Talent, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, we were part of the Gong Show. We've performed many many many New York City venues as well as Atlantic City.

We also have been featured in a couple t.v. shows. We have the Wild Cherryz calendar out, 2012, and our website is I'm also currently opening up a dance studio and it will be on Long Island; it's called Wild Cherryz Dance and Fitness Studio. Now I want you to do some burlesque with me.

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