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Treatment for Purging Disorder

Learn about the treatment for purging disorder from Allegra Broft, M.D. in this Howcast video about eating disorders.


Purging disorder treatment is definitely out there, although in some cases, because it's still a sort of newer diagnosis not recognized as an official diagnosis, maybe in some ways it may be a little harder to find than treatment for anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, which are very well recognized diagnoses and there are many, many experienced professionals that have seen lots of patients with these diagnoses.

Nonetheless, many eating disorders professionals and treatment centers are well equipped to think about how to go about treating purging disorder, think about the psychological and other factors that are contributing to the perpetuation of this type of problem. Treatment certainly should involve psychotherapy, working with a mental health professional that can help understand how these problems are perpetuating as well as possibly medication approaches. Purging disorder treatment should always proceed in conjunction with a medical professional like an internal medicine doctor who can keep an eye on the potentially medically detrimental effects of the repetitive purging and things like checking blood work regularly to look for electrolyte problems, make sure there's nothing dangerous going on that would necessitate a visit to an emergency room or a medical hospital for a while. And purging disorder, like other eating disorders like anorexia nervosa can be treatable in the right treatment setting with a therapist you can trust and trying different treatment options to find one's way to recovery.

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