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How to Get Eating Disorder Help Online

Learn how to get eating disorder help online from Allegra Broft, M.D. in this Howcast video.


If you're looking for eating disorders help online or elsewhere congratulations for doing the first step that is really essential to getting to the bottom of the eating disorder problem and making your way towards recovery, so yay for that. These are very serious illnesses, and one should not delay in trying to access help as quickly as possible. There are a variety of different types of eating disorders websites and help online, and it would be difficult for me to go through and say this one, or that one, or that one is the best.

I'm going to mention a couple of different organizations. One, in particular, is the National Eating Disorders Association, which is a national eating disorders advocacy group that really has a tremendous amount of resources online and information as well. If you call their center they have lots of referrals for treatment programs and treatment centers nationwide and can often also make referrals for individual practitioners in a certain geographical area.

So, that's one important option. There is another website called which is sort of an odd name, but actually I found it to have a large amount of pretty helpful information as well and may be a good resource for leading to treatment.

I might make a plug also for academic medical centers like the Columbia Center for Eating Disorders - a place where I do some clinical research. We are able to offer free treatment for folks interested in and eligible for our research studies. So, the idea of doing research in combination with treatment for some people can be a little bit scary sounding or off-putting. I think if you call a center like ours and you hear a little bit about the research protocols you can hear about what's going on and whether or not it feels right for you.

So, there are a variety of resources that you can also use online like websites from your insurance company in order to try to access treatment. Hopefully, some of these online suggestions will help you and will get you started on the path towards finding a treatment setting that works best for you.

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