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What Is an Eating Psychology Coach?

Learn what an eating psychology coach is from Allegra Broft, M.D. in this Howcast video.


What most people probably mean by an eating psychology coach or for people that think maybe I need an eating psychology coach, people are probably looking for someone that can help them understand or think about the psychology that leads them to making certain choices about their eating, or when in instances where eating feels out of control that can help them get their eating back on track. So an eating psychology coach can be many different things, and if you're looking to discuss psychological factors around your eating, or an eating problem with someone, what I would recommend is look further than just the term 'eating psychology coach.' You want to find someone that has extensively studied in this area, somebody with a psychology background or a medical background, so a psychologist or a psychiatrist, possibly a social worker or other type of mental health professional that has extensive training in psychology and psychological aspects around these eating problems as well as is familiar with the most evidence based treatments. There a lot of people out there that call themselves, you know, coaches for things, life coaches, and many of these people may be able to be extremely helpful, and yet there are also people out there that call themselves coaches and call themselves professional that don't really have the training that might be important in directing patients to the most evidence based treatment. So do your homework, check a person's background, check how they've been trained, and make an informed decision about who you seek out for treatment.

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