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What Are Strange Eating Addictions?

Learn about strange eating addictions from Allegra Broft, M.D. in this Howcast video.


Strange eating addictions is an area that a lot of people probably keep secret. And in eating disorder clinics, we often more traditionally see eating problems like anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa and we're probably still a little bit trying to find out more about some of the other types of strange eating problems that are in the community.

There are television shows that are now devoting a whole half hours to filming people, in real life, with these types of problems. And I've seen anything from, you know, from people who are drinking their urine to people who are drinking case loads of diet coke or ingesting other non nutritive substances. All of these things may fall under the umbrella of strange eating problems or strange eating addictions, although, I do like to shy away from the term addictions when it comes to eating since it's still somewhat controversial and may only have limited applicability.

If there's an eating problem like that going on as one can imagine, especially if there's something non nutritive that's being ingested, this can really be medically potentially dangerous and even if the person got motivated to help with a strange eating problem for these unusual ingestion, I can't emphasize how strongly enough how at least there should be some medical monitoring in place to make sure you're not doing harm to your body by some of these eating behaviors. So, that would be recommendation number one that I would make about certain types of eating behaviors that don't fall under some of these categories: Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. So, if you do have an unusual eating problem like the one I discuss going on in your life or know someone that does, the good news is that like other eating problems there are professionals out there that are willing to try to help and recovery from these types of problems is possible if you can take the first step to get into treatment.

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