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How to Get Eating Addiction Help

Learn how to get help for an eating addiction from Allegra Broft, M.D. in this Howcast video.


The best way to get eating addiction help is to try to contact a treatment center that has expertise in handling eating problems or to see an individual practitioner and individual mental health professional that has experience working with eating problems. Realize, as I might have mentioned in some other videos in this series, that eating addiction is sort of a controversial topic. There are some practitioners that believe strongly in the concept of eating addiction, and there are some experts that really find it quite controversial. Most professionals with eating disorder expertise recognize and are very well versed in dealing with the type of eating problem that is a relationship with eating that has become larger than life where there's a compulsivity around eating. If eating addiction for you means binge eating there are many eating disorder professionals that don't identify themselves as having eating addiction expertise that may still be very expert at being able to help with your eating problem.

In general, finding your way to help is the critical step. There are a lot of different ways you can try to do that. There are a lot of online eating disorder resources. I often mention the National Eating Disorders Association as a good treatment resource.

For some people that are very interested or invested in the addiction model of eating problems there are organizations like Overeaters Anonymous that have borrowed from the addiction philosophy in order to help manage eating problems. Some people find OA or Overeaters Anonymous important group therapy modality to help them with their eating problem, especially those people that feel addicted to food.

Certainly, another route for finding treatment is calling your insurance company, finding out who's on your insurance plan that you can talk to about your eating problem. And, word of mouth. If you can enter a community of people that have struggled with similar types of problems in the past often they are some of your best resources for finding help as well.

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