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Dangers of Extreme Diet Pills

Learn about the dangers of taking extreme diet pills from Allegra Broft, M.D. in this Howcast video.


The primary dangers of extreme use of diet pills is just that we don't know, professionals don't know in majority of cases what's in the diet pills that one tends to buy in a health foods store or over the counter in a drug store. And, when you don't know exactly what's in a diet pill, or what the precipitating agent is for weight loss, a doctor can't monitor what's going on with that medication, can't monitor what's going on with interaction with other medications that you may be taking. And, what's in those diet pills could ultimately be realized to be something that's not all that good for you. We actually even know that of the few medications, and there really only have been a few over time that the FDA has approved for weight loss, even some of those have ultimately been found to have risks that were not initially known, so that certain diet pills that were originally approved for weight loss were subsequently found out to have cardiovascular risks for people with preexisting heart disease, for example. So, if you're considering trying to make attempts to lose weight, try to consult with professionals first, certainly before veering into something like extreme uses of diet pills in order to manage shape and weight. There's really many other much more helpful ways to go about it and if medication is something that's to be considered at some point, do that under the supervision of a physician that knows these medications well and can think about whether choosing a medication that helps facilitate weight loss is the best thing for you.

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