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How to Overcome Eating Disorders with Allegra Broft, MD

Learn about Allegra Broft, M.D., one of Howcast's eating disorders experts, in this video.


Hi, my name is Dr. Allegra Broft. I'm a psychiatrist here in New York City, and I sort of wear two hats. Part of my time is spent as a clinical researcher with the Columbia Center for Eating Disorders where I have the good fortune to be able to help conduct research in these devastating disorders including in anorexia nervosa and bullimia nervosa. We actually have a wonderful treatment center at the Columbia Center for Eating Disorders where we are able to provide free treatment for those folks interested in and eligible for our research protocols. So, it's a good treatment resource to know about.

I'm also a psychiatrist that maintains a private practice here in the city. I work with folks with various types of eating problems as well as work with folks with a variety of different types of issues as well. I utilize medication and psychotherapy approaches and believe in tailoring a treatment to be individualized to each patient or client that I work with.

I guess I got interested in this area, well, it probably goes way back. Certainly, living here in New York City I meet women, not infrequently, that struggle with different types of eating problems. Actually, I meet men that struggle with different types of eating problems, too.

In particular, I can think about meeting some women that I've known that have struggled with anorexia nervosa where I've seen just how devastating these struggles can be. It's just mystified me in women that are so beautiful and accomplished how they can be engaged in a pattern of behavior that's so destructive and so injurious to themselves and so self loathing. Seeing folks struggle in that type of way, women that are so compelling and yet so entrenched in these behaviors, really made me think, how could this be, how can people be caught up in such entrenched cycles of behavior, and has really sort of fueled my interest in clinical research and trying to get to the bottom of what is causing these disorders and how we can help.

I'm glad to have the opportunity to make this video series for you today. I hope that some of the content will be helpful and help get you in the right direction looking for treatment for eating disorders or learning more about these illnesses and problems. I thank you for listening today.

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