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5 Grass Cutting Tips

Learn five valuable grass cutting tips from landscape architect Patrick Weisel in this Howcast video.


In this segment I'm going to be giving you my best grass cutting tips. If I had to say one tip for cutting the grass I would advise everyone to mow high. Most people like to mow low. They think it makes the lawn look nice, but if you mow high, it will do a couple of different things. It will allow the grass blade to shade the soil which will inhibit weed seeds from sprouting. It's also going to keep the sun off the ground so less moisture will evaporate and it leaves the grass blade longer so there are more cells to photosynthesize and feed the plant.

The other thing I would say is mow frequently. You don't ever want to take off more than a third of the blade of grass. If you do, you take off more than a third, you are inhibiting the grass, setting it back a little bit, or causing it some damage that it will take some time to overcome.

The other thing you want to do is make sure you have a sharp blade. Always keep your blade sharp, because if you mow with a dull blade it tends to tear the grass blade instead of cut it which allows disease and other pestilence to enter the grass plant.

And, then lastly never mow when it's wet. A lot of people are tempted after a rain to go out there and mow their lawn, but its' really bad for the grass. It causes the grass blade stems to tear and it also allows diseases to move about the lawn and in fact other grass plants.

And, lastly a lot of people like to use a lawn mower bag to collect the clippings when they're mowing. That's really a terrible idea, because number one, you have to put those grass clippings into the dump somewhere. But, number two, the grass clippings that you cut off of your grass contain nitrogen and it's actually fertilizer that will help the lawn survive. So, my advice, above all, is when you're cutting your lawn use a mulching mower and bag the bag, don't bag the clippings.

So, those are my best grass cutting tips.

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