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What Are Warm Season Grasses?

Learn about warm season grasses from landscape architect Patrick Weisel in this Howcast video.


A few of you have asked about warm season grasses. Since we're here in the Northeast where we generally grow cool season grasses I can tell you that I don't know specifically the species. But what I will tell you is that south of North Carolina our cool season grasses will not work. They'll simply die in the excessive heat. So you have to choose different species like Bermuda grass, Zoysia , centipede or Saint Augustine. You'll want to check with your local extension office or get a book and read up on this as different species require different sun, different maintenance practices. Some do better in the heat, some do better in the winter.

So what's the difference between cool season grasses and warm season grasses? While cool season grasses do much better in the Spring and the Fall and the Winter, they struggle a little bit in the heat of Summer but with water you can keep them green. Warm season grasses really are at their best in the heat of the summertime. They don't do so well in the cool and they tend to brown out a little bit. Some people even over seed warm season grasses with a cool season grass so that it stays a little green in the winter time. So the bottom line is you're in the South, say south of North Carolina, you'll have to use a warm season grass. And if you're north of North Carolina you'll definitely want to use a cool season grass. So check your extension office or get a book or search online for warm season grasses to get more details if you're in the deep South.

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