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How to Remove Leaves Properly

Learn how to remove leaves properly from landscape architect Patrick Weisel in this Howcast video.


Some people would like to know how to remove leaves properly. Well there's the old tried and true way which is to take a rake and go out there on your lawn and rake up all the leaves. That's a lot of work and in the end you have a pile of leaves that you have to figure out what to do with, either put in the garbage or take to the local composting center, whatever. Why not save yourself a lot of energy and be good to your lawn and ecological at the same time? The easiest way I recommend to deal with your leaves is to use your lawn mower. Don't put that lawn mower away. When the grass has stopped needing mowing and the leaves are falling, you'll want to bring out your mulching mower, especially if you have a mulching blade. Without letting the leaves pile up just mow your lawn as you would the grass normally. That's going to chop up the leaves and allow them to fall into the turf. Now this does several things. Number one, you don't have to get rid of the leaves that you would if you raked them up. But also, those leaves are nutrients that the soil can use, carbon and organic matter that's all good for your lawn. So especially if you have a mulching mower and you can add a mulching blade, which is a gator blade which has extra teeth on it that will help chop those leaves up, that's going to be good for you lawn and it's going to save your back. So put away the rake, get out your lawn mower and mow your leaves into your lawn.

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