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How to Get Rid of Weeds

Learn how to get rid of weeds from landscape architect Patrick Weisel in this Howcast video.


Some people have asked me; how do I get rid of weeds in my lawn? You have several tools at your disposal to get rid of those weeks in your lawn.

The first is just a simple weeding tool, going out there by hand, getting down and digging out those weeds. If you only have a few weeds, that's probably a worthwhile use of your time. If you have a lot of weeds, you may need to turn to something more serious. You may need to use a chemical.

Now, be cautious with chemicals because, of course, you can use them badly and they are a little dangerous to your health and your pet's health. If you need to use a chemical, I would suggest that you first consider using a lawn care professional who knows what he's doing.

If you insist on using something, you can get a hose-in sprayer that you'll attach to your hose and sweep across your lawn. This is somewhat difficult to control the pace and how much you put down. You'll definitely want to follow the instructions. So, be cautious with that.

Always follow the directions on the label. Remember, with any fertilizer or chemical, less is more. Never exceed what the label suggests you use. If you have to err, err on the side of putting down too little rather than too much. Too much can not only harm your lawn, it can also poison you or your pet.

Another option is to use a granular weed and feed, which will come in a bag like this. You need to be careful with this one as well. You need to make sure that the spreader that you have is listed on the back in the instructions. Make sure you use the proper spreader setting. Resist the temptation to put that setting higher and put down more, even though you see it's not coming out very well because it's actually a federal law to do anything other than what the label suggests.

Follow the label. Less is more. Always be careful. It is a toxic chemical and you don't want to poison yourself or your pet.

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