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How to Control Lawn Insects

Learn how to control insects from landscape architect Patrick Weisel in this Howcast video.


People sometimes ask me how to control insects in your lawn. Well, your best defense against insects is to have healthy turf. That means, mowing high, fertilizing, watering. But if you find that you have an insect infestation and you really have to turn to something stronger than healthy turf, you'll want to consider some kind of chemical.

There's a lot of chemicals that you can buy at your local big-box store. Many of them have directions on the back of the label, and you'll want to follow that explicitly. But remember, these are toxic chemicals that can harm you and your pet and your turf grass, if you apply it too strongly. So, follow the label and use it with caution.

However, I would strongly, strongly encourage anybody who has insect problems in their lawn, to consider using a lawn care professional, because many of these chemicals are highly toxic and they can cause damage to you, your pet or your lawn.

So, consider using a professional if you have insects on your lawn.

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