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How to Winterize Your Lawn Mower

Learn how to winterize your lawn mower from landscape architect Patrick Weisel in this Howcast video.


At the end of the season, people start thinking about putting their lawn mowers away, and so they ask me; how do I winterize my lawn mower?

Well, there's really not too much to it, unless you're in the extreme north, where it gets really cold.

Mostly, you'll just want to wash off your mower, and then put it in your garage, and wait for spring. If you live somewhere where it's really cold, or the winter's long though, you'll want to consider running the gas out of your mower.

Now that's a pretty simple process. Either you could just go out, when you're mulching your leaves in, and run the mower until it runs out of gas and stops, or you can take say a turkey baster, and get the gas out of the gas can, until there's very little left. Then start the mower up and let it run, until it dies.

Why would you want to run the gas out of your mower? Well, if you're in some place that it gets really cold, and the winter's very long, the gas that's in the carburetor can congeal or turn into a gel and clog the tiny holes that allow the gas to move through the carburetor.

Now, gasoline has a shelf life of approximately 90 days to sometimes six months. So if you're living somewhere, where the winter is not that long or that cold. Say you're still mulching leaves with your mower in December, and then you're starting it up again in March, you probably don't need to run the gas out of the tank.

So just wash the mower off, put it away, and you're done with the season. So, the thing to remember is, if you're somewhere with a long cold winter, not only wash your mower off, but run the gas out.
Otherwise, just clean your mower, put it in the garage, and wait for spring.

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