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How to Tune Up Your Lawn Mower

Learn how to tune up your lawn mower from landscape architect Patrick Weisel in this Howcast video.


Some people want to know how to tune up your lawn mower. The important thing when tuning up your lawn mower is to remember that a mower or an engine on the mower needs three things to operate: it needs air, it needs fire, and it needs fuel.

So if you've already got fresh gas in your gas tank, then there's only two other things you need to concern yourself with: the air filter, which is located under this little cover, you can pull that off and clean it out using some kind of solvent, maybe a little gasoline, water may not be the best, but if you can get any dust out of there maybe shake it off a little bit and clean it off. Some mowers have a paper filter and you'll probably want to get a replacement filter from your local dealer, and that's not a matter of cleaning it's just getting a new filter for the specific mower and putting it in there.

Once you have a clean filter then you're going to want to examine your spark plug or change it. You do that, which is right here, by simply removing this wire, removing the spark plug, and then examining the fire end to see if there's a little carbon build up that needs to be cleaned off.

Whether you're putting your lawn mower away for the winter or starting it up in the spring, it's a good time to also take a look underneath your mower. You'll want to tip it up, it's best done if there's no gasoline in the tank here, or if there is a little bit of gasoline make sure the gas tank is down so it doesn't drain into the engine. Then you'll want to get in there with, also I should mention you want to remove the spark plug wire when you do this so while messing with the blade or underneath you don't accidentally fire the engine up and cause yourself some damage. So tip it up and then you'll want to take a spatula, or some sort of screwdriver, or something to get the excess glass that's built up from underneath there out from under the mower and then it's also a good time to remove your blade. Now that's not so easy to do, but if you feel comfortable doing it then stick a block of wood in there, take a wrench, take the blade off and get it sharpened either by yourself if you have a grindstone, or take it to a professional sharpener so you can then put it back on the blade.

So winter or spring is a good time to remove the excess grass from underneath your mower and sharpen your blade for the coming season. So that's it for tuning up your mower. Remember fire, fuel, and air. If you get those bases covered your mower will be tuned up.

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