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How to Plant a Lawn from Sod

Learn how to plant a lawn from sod from landscape architect Patrick Weisel in this Howcast video.


An alternative to reseeding your lawn is to start your lawn from sod. Now why might you want to do that? Well, obviously it's instant gratification. Seeding a lawn takes up to three to six months to fairly establish and look like something we're familiar with as a lawn. Where sod, you can put it down right away. Sod, however, is more expensive and it's a little more labor intensive since you have to cover your whole area with really established grass. Your soil preparation is basically the same as seeding a lawn. You want to get your soil bed smooth and free of any large debris, say larger than one half inch. That would be rocks and roots and things like that. And then you simply lay the sod down, putting the seams crosswise to the way the water would flow. Water the sod really well, then maybe roll it lightly to make good root soil contact. Again, the key here is to getting the roots to have good contact with the ambient soil or the existing soil so that they can shoot their roots down, probably to 12 inches, maybe even 18 inches, is necessary for turf to survive droughts. But above all you want to make sure that when you sod your lawn that you're really going to make a commitment to water it because it takes a lot of water, regular water, watering every day to make sure that that very thin layer of turf which is sod does not dry out and that it has plenty of time for the roots to root into the native soil.

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