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How to Prune a Tree

Learn how to prune trees from landscape architect Patrick Weisel in this Howcast video.


A lot of people ask me about pruning trees and I would caution you that that's a pretty complex topic. For most of your tree pruning issues I would call a professional and leave it to the pros. You can do serious damage to your tree if you don't know what you're doing, if you get up there and just hack away at the limbs. That's sad. A lot of homeowners probably have a few low hanging branches which they don't like the looks of or that get in the way of them or their children when they are walking around the yard. So in those particular cases where you just want to remove a few low limbs, a pole pruner or a tree pruner like this will probably accomplish the job without doing too much damage to the tree. You can get one of these at any of the big box stores and you simply extend the pole out and then go to your low hanging limb, move up to the place where the next limb is, hook it over the top and simply cut it off. That's a pretty easy way to get rid of the low hanging branches. But again, if you want to remove any large limbs, or you want to remove any limbs that are hooked on to the trunk, best leave that to a professional. Call your local tree care expert.

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