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What Is a Disruptive Behavior Disorder in Children?

Learn about disruptive behavior disorders in children from Dr. Kimberly Williams in this Howcast video.


So disruptive behavior disorders are several different disorders of childhood in which children don’t follow rules, they tend to be defiant, they tend to have difficulties in school and really have trouble making peer relationships. So one of the things we recognize, are three to four percent of the population of children have some type of type of disruptive behavior disorder. A disruptive behavior disorder is an attention hyperactivity deficit disorder, conduct disorder or, an oppositional defiant disorder. Categorically these children have trouble following the rules, they are impulsive, they can be aggressive and they are spending a lot of time getting into trouble. One of the things that we have to recognize that sometimes these disruptive behaviors co-occur, meaning that they happen simultaneously to one child. We see that children are more at risk for disruptive behavior disorders when they have lower IQs and educational difficulties, and there has been some link to social economic status with regards to these types of disorders. We need to recognize that these disorders are treatable and with parent and teacher intervention a child can move past this and be successful.

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