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Why Do Children Fight & Bite?

Learn about fighting and biting in children from Dr. Kimberly Williams in this Howcast video.


All children have aggressive feelings, so fighting or biting observed in your child is not necessarily uncommon. We'll see as early as a child's first birthday that they might bite a parent or an individual that's spending time with them just as a source of affection.

As children start to get older, around three to five years old, nursery school age, the biting may take on a different role. Children may become more aggressive or forceful and start to hit and poke also as a way to gain attention.

When children are persistently observed biting or hitting or pushing or kicking and these types of aggressive things, this is definitely a sign that there may be some underlying larger problem.

It's important to investigate. Talk to your child's pediatrician or someone at the school or in the community to see if you can get guidance on how to help this difficulty.

Parents should recognize that if you see your child fighting and biting, let them know immediately that this is not acceptable behavior. In some instances, you may have to restrain your child just a bit so that they don't hurt another individual.

But parents keep in mind if you see a persistent pattern of your child fighting, biting or anything else aggressive, this is not acceptable. You must contact your child's pediatrician, someone at the school or in the community to get help.

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