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Why Do Children Throw Temper Tantrums?

Learn about children who throw temper tantrums from Dr. Kimberly Williams in this Howcast video.


Of course, parents often worry about their children having temper tantrums, and sometimes they come at the most odd and unusual times. Beyond at home, a child may have a temper tantrum in the car or out in public, and parents often ask me what is it that you need to do. Well it depends on the source of the temper tantrum. Sometimes a child is reacting to not getting their way. And sometimes a child just wants attention. It's a little hard to know exactly what the cause of the tantrum is, but what we do need to recognize, as parents, is that we need to ignore this type of behavior.

It's very important that if your child is having frequent temper tantrums, you should get a very specific behavioral intervention plan to help your family minimize the tantrums. It's very important that you recognize this behavior can be ignored as long as the child is kept in a safe area and that the temper tantrums, they won't last forever. What you need to do is recognize that the temper tantrum is a sign of something that the child is trying to communicate to you. Working with your clinical professional will help you figure out exactly what that is, and you'll have a perfect protocol to help decrease these behaviors.

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