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How to Find a Child Psychologist

Learn how to find a child psychologist from Dr. Kimberly Williams in this Howcast video.


So when you're looking for professional clinical help for your child, you may seek a child psychologist. There are many different types of child psychologists. There are those who have education backgrounds. There are those that have research backgrounds. And there are psychologists that have clinical backgrounds.

A good child psychologist is very well-trained in play therapy and behavioral therapy. But you'll never really know if this child psychologist is a good fit for your child and a good fit for you until you contact them and actually meet them.

There's several different questions you might want to ask a child psychologist, such as, do they have hours in the evening and after school? What ages of children do they work with, and especially what are some of the behaviors and symptoms that they work with children and families most effectively? It's important to recognize that a child psychologist may not treat all different and various disorders. So make sure that your child psychologist specializes in your concerns about your child and family.

One of the things you have to remember is that you should be able to ask your child psychologist any question that you want to. And that you should be able to feel comfortable with their answers. It's about them being warm, and accepting, and embracing to your family, and you should feel that.

These are some of the things that parents should know when they're looking for a child psychologist for their family.

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