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Behavior Therapy for ADHD in Children

Learn about behavior therapy for ADHD from Dr. Kimberly Williams in this Howcast video.


When a child has been diagnosed with ADHD, the first course of treatment is to try to change some of the challenging or functionally impairing behaviors for the child. Some of these behaviors include the child drifting off and not paying attention, or maybe a child that can't sit still long enough to focus on homework or on classroom assignments. It's really important to have the intervention of parents, teachers and the whole school team on board to help modify some of these behaviors.

For instance, a teacher might help the child learn how to self-monitor their own actions and provide a little incentive plan to help a child remember not to interrupt, but to raise their hand. It's important to recognize that a lot of the behaviors, or the more negative behaviors of ADHD, can be modified and shaped. And the child can learn to control them. Working with a good health care professional, a child psychologist, or a social worker can definitely help parents come up with an individualized behavior treatment plan to help their child's ADHD symptoms. So these are just some of the behavioral strategies that can be used in decreasing ADHD symptoms.

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