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ADHD Prognosis

Learn about the prognosis for ADHD from Dr. Kimberly Williams in this Howcast video.


The prognosis for children diagnosed with ADHD actually is very, very good. What we have to recognize is that children with ADHD, when it's diagnosed and treated very early, their symptoms can definitely be manageable and be under control. Once a child is educated and recognizes that they sometimes struggle with inattention, time management, impulsivity, or distractability, they can learn how to self monitor their own actions. So that as they progress through school and through adulthood, they have a handle on these situations. Sometimes it just requires learning how to manage their life with checklists and management strategies and a little help from those around them. The prognosis for ADHD is very good. When it's left untreated, that's when more challenging, detrimental things occur in adulthood, such as risky behaviors related to substance abuse, and difficult relationships or problems keeping a job. So considering this information, the prognosis for ADHD is very positive.

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