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Autism Risk Factors

Learn about the risk factors for autism from Dr. Kimberly Williams in this Howcast video.


So we understand that there's a great deal of research looking into the risk factors of autism. But what we also understand is some of the risk factors that have been identified have not been scientifically proven. Oftentimes, I speak with families who have a bit of misinformation, and we've discussed some of the risk factors such as diet, or digestive tract issues, mercury poisoning related to vaccinations.

While we discuss these things, and some professionals do believe that these are contributing factors to autism, there's not a good deal of research, if any, to support these issues. What I do help parents understand about the risk factors is that it wasn't their fault, and it is something genetic that is beyond their control. Helping them to understand, whether it be something in the environment or something that happened in utero, it's not their fault.

The risk factors of autism are very frequently discussed in research. But there have not been any definitive answers for what puts a child at risk for developing autism.

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